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How I made 56 dollars, in One Day, with One Crappy Blogpost

If you’re looking to make money online, working from home in your own business, then you’re going to want to know about AdSense. I’ve have had mild success with AdSense, but I still recommend folks try it out because it could be a winner for them. AdSense is a tool every internet marketer needs to have in their toolbox because it’s an effective method for monetizing high traffic sites. I won’t go into explaining AdSense, or it’s features and details, so if you want that read the Google AdSense page in addition to the below.

The real story here is how I made Front Page of Digg and Made 56 Bucks in One Day with a Crappy Blog. Well the story goes back several years ago, before my first job at a startup, back then I was spending all my time scouring the net to learn how to make money online. During this time I tried everything, and thats when most of my ‘Make Money Online’ stories come from. However, it was a dark time where I toed the line between being a bit spammy at times. I had made about a dozen blogs, all free and hosted on wordpress. I wrote a few articles and posted ads around, and then tried to submit these to social bookmarking sites and blast them out on social media channels like facebook and twitter. By and large my experiments were unsuccessful – only making a few cents per week or something a bit more. However there was one day that stood out among the rest and that is THE NORT REPORT!!

The Nort Report was a crappy blog I had during college. I wrote random articles, on random stuff, and then put ads all over my site. Well – one post caught fire. This post was short and sweet, probably 300 words – and yet it was enough to get me 40,000 views and 2,754 Diggs. This was back in the day when Digg was a real force to be reckoned with. It would put poorly hosted sites down for the count much like Reddit does today.

Anywho, back to the story, the title of my post was “Do NOT go to”. Yes, that company with the commercials with the band. All I did in this blog post was rant about how I get screwed over by and warned users not to get screwed themselves. I said how their ‘Free’ credit report was not free, it enrolled you in a programm called ‘Triple Advantage’ with charged you a recurring monthly fee. I called them a scam. Well – it caught wild and I got a ton of comments. Many people argued against me and insulted me – whatever, tis the nature of the interwebz. It is due to all the visitors, both benevolent and malevolent, that is my AdSense ads were so successful.

It was actually hilarious, because my topic was all about then my AdSense ads become ads for the same site. Commenters ranted about this a bit too. I thought it was hilarious. When all was said and done the site made me 56 bucks in one day. After that day was a different story. I thought I could easily carry over the traffic from the huge spike I just had – but it didn’t. It was a one day thing, and the quality of my blog wasnt really enough to convince the visitors to bookmark it for later viewing. I tried to write more take-off hits, but it didn’t happen – I couldn’t find another topic like which had so much pent up energy behind it.

I have to admit, it did make me feel a bit ‘right’ when I heard years later that was the subject of a class action suit, due to the way they looped people into this Triple Advantage program.

And that is the story. If you want to look at the aforementioned crappy blog then you can – it’s still online, sitting there, taunting me as to the one day when I made 56 dollars in one day on a crappy blog, with just a single internet rant…

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